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Huafang Wuhe Textile Co., Ltd.

Huafang Wuhe Textile Co., Ltd. is situated in Economic Development Zone, Wuhe County, Anhui, China. The floor area is 526mu. The planned fixed investment is ¥1.5 billion, and the total scale is 410,000 cotton spinning spindles. The company mainly engages in manufacturing and developing various types of high-grade combed cotton yarn products. It is the fourth textile industrial park project of Huafang Group in other region and the sixth cotton yarn manufacturer of Huafang Group.

The first-phase project was started in April 2011. The company adopts domestic and foreign advanced spinning equipment and the core equipment is world’s first-class spinning plus winding machine. After the completion of the project, the company is capable of producing 68,000 tons of high-grade cotton yarns each year and it can offer 3,000 jobs to local people.

Add: No. 9 Industry Road, Chengnan Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone, Wuhe County, Anhui, China
Tel: +86-552-5638888                    Fax: +86-552-5629999

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